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miniature horses for sale

Above is a photo of our little miniature mare
Lookout Sheza Rock Star (Roxie)

Roxie is for sale, she is due to foal in the spring. Please check out the for sale page.



Below is a photo of our litte Stud Marshmellow for more info on
him please go to the following link. Stallion Page



I hope you enjoy your visit to our farm through this website.

We have a few acres located near the Animas River in Aztec New Mexico, in the Four Corners area. We are about thirty minutes from the Colorado Border. We are getting a good start with our Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat breeding program. We have been raising these cute little goats for many years now. These little goats give a lot of milk condsidering their small size.They also have the sweetest personalities.

The Nigerain Dwarf goat is a miniature dairy breed of West African ancestry. Nigerian Dwarf goats are popular as hobby goats due to their easy maintenance and small stature. We are looking forward to the coming years with these adorable little dairy goats. These little ones are so cute and friendly. They will quickly win your hearts!

For more info on the Nigerian goat breed or to see the videos of the new babies trying to bounce and jump ,please hit the following link to go to the Nigerian Goat page.
We will be raising mini Nubians, and mini LaMancha starting in 2017. Small size but very good sweet milk production.


We keep a healthy herd with regular vaccinations. They are like pets, not just livestock so they will only be sold to good homes. Even though we do not have the time for showing our goats, we did start with some champion lines for our breeding program. We do hope to be able to start showing them at a later date.

All our Nigerian goats can be registered AGS, ADGA and NDGA. Check the sales page for goats needing a new home. See the breeding page for this years schedule of new arrivals. Please feel free to email us with any questions. We will ship if possible, but prefer to sell locally.

For photos of some good goat feeders and mineral dispensers see the goat care page. I have also added information about raw goat milk compared to other milk, and all the benefits for human consumption.

We are in the process of selling our miniature horses. Our little mares and our little stallion are major sweethearts. Our little Palamino paint stud Marshmellow is a Bond Peppy power grandson, sire is NFC's Gambling Man. We have actually sold most of our horses, we have one little mare left to sell and she is bred to our stud Marshmellow for a spring foal. For more information please click on the for sale page.

We also sell chickens, please see our poultry page for more information.


Entlebucher swiss mountain dogs for sale in NM

Entlebucher swiss mountain dogs for sale in NM

Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs for sale in NM
Bailey and Rooster pictured above. Another of our girl Bailey to the right, far right Bailey and Rooster relaxing in my husbands leather chair.

We will soon be raising Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs. Out of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds the Entle's are the smallest.
The photo to the left top is our female Bailey. Middle photo is of Bailey and our male puppy Rooster.

47-62 lbs. (23-30 kg)
16-20 in (42-51 cm) at the withers (shoulders) about the size of medium sized blue heeler.
Medium-sized, heavy-boned, muscular body
This is a wonderful breed with all the intelligence, personality, agility and loyalty you could ask for rolled into a sturdy little package. It is important to make sure that this little herder is compatible with your personality and lifestyle, as this is a dog that will be happiest if it is by your side every waking hour. The Entlebucher, while being independent and self confident, is nonetheless very attached to its people, and must be made a part of the family. One of the greatest qualities of this breed is its unwavering devotion to its master. This is an excellent family dog, this is not a breed that will do well if left in the back yard, unless, of course, that is where the family is as well. The breed is territorial and slightly suspicious of strangers, making it a competent watch dog. They have an impressive bark and naturally announce the arrival of newcomers. While they are naturally confident and social dogs, socialization and training is required. Entlebuchers are generally regarded as great dogs with children, although there may be exceptions. The additional time required to train a smart, willful dog is a major consideration for a busy parent. Due to the Entlebucher’s keen sense of social hierarchy, the head of the household will need to be actively involved in the training. This is an active, physical breed and loves to play and rough house. But once in the house will be calm and relaxed. Once trained to be gentle with children, however, an Entlebucher is an excellent play mate, and may even round up your kids like a small herd of cattle.

It is important to keep in mind that this relatively small dog is indeed an excellent cattle herding dog. They are quick, tough, and very physical, known for hurling themselves at livestock. Entlebuchers need a sufficient amount of exercise, an hour a day of vigorous activity is a minimum. Due to the breed’s intelligence, stimulating activities are necessary to keep a happy, manageable dog. Entlebuchers love having a job to do, and are well suited to agility and obedience also.

Please feel free to contact us to get more information or to reserve a future puppy.

Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs for sale in NMEntlebucher Swiss Mountain Dog puppies for sale in NM


nigerian goats for sale in nm


miniature horses for sale in nm

little britches

Some photos of our little baby goats from previous years.




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