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Here at Animas farms we disbud (dehorn) all our babies which makes them safer to be around kids and other goats. We also raise polled goats (no horns). We play with them as much as possible to make them friendly. We will be raising mini Nubians starting in 2017. Small size but very good sweet milk production.

Last updated 01/03/2018

If you want to learn more about the Nigerian dwarf goat breed, click on the link. See Breeding Page for up coming breedings.

The goats pictured below are for sale when weaned at 8 weeks. We take paypal payments, we can also take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
Some kid videos on my facebook page under Animas Farms


I have several older females (Doe's) for sale, please give me a call if interested. Some bred, some open for breeding. On doe page they have Prices listed under photo.








Boo- Yearling (15 months old) Polled doeling - More info on her on the Nigerian doe page. $300, can be sold as bred this fall for $400

Boo's Extended Pedigree

nigerian dwarf goats for sale in nm





We will have babies born the first of December.

More will be bred for Spring 2018







Patches kidded 3/1/17, 2 dark little doelings.
Doeling below is polled and for sale for $350
very good bloodlines

Kid Pedigree

Mini Nubian goats for sale in NM














Entlebucher swiss mountain dogs for sale in NM

Molly had her babies, 12/6/17. They will be weaned first week of February. This friendly little blue eyed buckling is for sale when weaned. $250 (dibudded)


Molly was bred to our buckling Jazz.
Kid Pedigree


Mini Nubian goats for sale in NM

This light Chamoisee polled buck will replace Rascal for our fall breeding.
Goose if for sale $350,
now almost 2 years old

Animas Valley RCC Goose

Sire: Animas Valley RC Cowboy Casanova (Rascal)
----- Sire: Prairie Wood PLB Rowdy Cowboy
----- Dam: Animas Valley Roo

Dam: Animas Valley RC Sunny
----- Sire: Prairie Wood PLB Rowdy Cowboy
----- Dam: Marigolds TK Adona (Dawn)





Rhinehart X30 disbudding iron for sale

Tips cannot be changed on this model.
3/4" diameter copper tip has 1/2" hollow tip (good for normal size baby goats) which isn't replaceable. 10" long; 8' long 3-wire cord. 200 watts. 120 volts

For Nigerian kids depending on size and growth of horn bud, the best tip is the 1/4" ID tip





More babies due starting in March. Please see breeding schedule for matches made.












To better understand the champion coding click here

We occasionally agree to breed does that we have previously sold to one of our bucks. Usually the fee is $100-$150 depending on the buck used. Sometimes we will breed for a pick of the doelings from that match. If we have agreed to breeding or boarding your goats please see the following link to read our service agreement.
I also charge $10 per buckling if you need to have them banded. I charge an additional fee for travel to your home if not close, no travel charge if you bring them to me to be banded.

We Accept PayPal ~ Via "Request for Money", through our Paypal Account.
This allows Customers to pay via CC or Bank Account ~ Very simple procedure.
There is a Paypal Service Fee of approximately 3%,  which is payable by the customer.

Some of our kids can possibly be sold as non registered for a lower price. Please check with us if interested.

Last updated 07/04/2017

Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs for sale in NM

I found this picture in one of my goat magazines, I thought it was too cute not to put on my site. Of course these are not actually the proper names,
but they are fitting for names of baby goat parts.


We have a discount available of $50.00 with purchase of two or more, one being a doe or buck.
Unless original purchase price has already been given a discount .

We will request a $50.00 to $100.00 deposit if you want to reserve one of the kids. If you change your mind we will keep the deposit, otherwise the deposit will go towards the price of the goat. If kids are not picked up when weaned a $1.00 a day fee will be charged while they are here. If you purchase an adult goat and cannot pick it up for a while a $2.00 fee per day will be charged.

We do reserve the right to sell only to those that we believe will make good homes for our animals.

Some of our kids are polled (born with no horns) they are a little more expensive but well worth it when you consider you don't have to try to dehorn and worry about scurs developing. Not to mention the pain and stress to the little ones. Polled goats can only be bred to horned goats, you can not breed polled to polled because of the possibility of genetic problems with the offspring.

Our kids are not bottle fed, they are allowed to stay with the dam until they are weaned. But we try to spend a lot of time handling them so most are very tame.

We can take credit card payments through our account with paypal. Just email or call and we will walk you through the process. Paypal accounts are safe and easy to sign up for, payments can be pulled from a checking account or credit card.

We prefer to sell locally if possible, but we can ship if needed.

On the goat care page I have some photos and information on some good hay feeders and mineral feeders.


Thanks for visiting our website. And have a wonderful day.

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