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Entle's are also known as Entlebucher Cattle Dogs

2018 Puppies Will not be until fall.
I have to apologize to all the families that were on the puppy list for the spring litter. Bailey had a false pregnancy and many families are sad that they waited patiently for a new puppy and did not get their new family member. I feel so bad for this major inconveience. We will breed Bailey again in August and should have babies in October. They would be weaned in December.

We also offer our Male Entle (Rooster) for stud service for registerd entle females. Our fee is $2500.00

Below left is picture of Bailey and babies, on right is our male Rooster.

Entlebucher puppies for sale in NMEntlebucher swiss mountain dog puppies for sale in NM

Some last year baby pictures below

If you would like to get on a puppy list that would be great. Just email us for details.
See some more breed information below.

Even though they are an active breed they are content to go in the house and follow you around calmly and lay quietly at your feet. This breed is an Excellent Family dog. Please see references below. Thanks

Price on babies 2018, $1200.00 plus $500 if shipping is needed. This price has a no breeding contract that will need to be signed, pups will need to be spayed or neutered. Shipping charge includes price of new kennel,and airline fees. Puppies will all have shots and worming at 6 weeks with vet check, If shipped at 8 weeks they will have health certificate done a few days before being shipped. I like to send a stuffed toy that has the scent of their litter mates and Mom with the puppies being shipped.

I ask for a $500 deposit to hold pups until full payment is made at pickup or before shipping, payment in full is needed before shipping is scheduled. If interested in one of our puppies here is a copy of our health guarantee .


I have attached a puppy reference below from a family in Virginia who brought one of our puppies into their loving home.
Reference on Jasper

Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs for sale in NM

The Photo above is of Emma, Abby, Natalie and their new sister Molly all enjoying the snow. They live in New London NH. Thanks to the Kelley family for giving Molly a loving home and letting us use this photo.


The pictures below are from the loving Emory family in Santa Fe NM. who have two of our sweet puppies.

Swiss Mountain Entlebucher pups for sale in NMSwiss Mountain Entlebucher pups for sale in NM


The pictures and reference letter below are from a Family named Fortney in Saint Thomas Pa.
They bought a baby girl from us they named Princess Leia.

Entlebucher puppies for sale in NMEntlebucher puppies for sale in NM

Carrie and Princess Leia, and Leia and her buddy Chewy

Reference Letter


Entlebucher swiss mountain puppies for sale in NM
Male 1-This little guy is now sold

Entlebucher swiss mountain puppies for sale in NM
Male 2
This cute guy is sold


cattle pups for sale in NMcattle pups for sale in NM
Female puppy 1 (wearing yellow ribbon on facebook video)
This baby girl is sold

Entlebucher pups for sale in NM

cattle pups for sale in NMcattle pups for sale in NM
Female 2 (wearing purple ribbon)
This sweet baby girl has sold.

Entlebucher pups for sale in NM


cattle pups for sale in NMEntle swiss mountain pups for sale in NM
Female 3 (red ribbon)
This baby girl is sold and has been picked up by her new parents. Her new home will be in Colorado Springs.

cattle pups for sale in NMEntle swiss mountain pups for sale in NM
Female 4 (pink ribbon)
This cute baby has sold, she was named Mattie.


Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dog puppies for sale in NM

Rooster and Bailey
Rooster on left above, and photo below
he is 18 inches tall and 47 lbs.
Entlebucher swiss mountain dogs for sale in NM
Rooster's 3 generation pedigree


Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs for sale in NM

Our Bailey
Bailey is 17 inches tall and 38 lbs.
Bailey's 3 generation pedigree









Entlebucher swiss mountain dog pups for sale in NM

One of the 2016 pups above

2016 pups pictured below

Entlebucher swiss mountain cattle dogs for sale in nm


You can see puppies playing on my facebook page under
animas farms




Entlebucher mountain dog pups for sale in NM

2016 puppy photos

enltebucher swiss mountain dog pups for sale in NM


Info below directly from the American Kennel Club website.
In Switzerland, Entlebuchers were used by Alpine herdsman to drive cattle. Also known as Entlebucher cattle dogs.
General Appearance:
The Entlebucher Mountain Dog (Shepherd Dog from Entlebuch, or Dog of the Alpine Herdsman) is a native of Switzerland, and the smallest of the four tri-colored Swiss Sennenhund breeds. Swiss farmers have historically used the Entlebucher to move cows from pasture to pasture in the Alps. Their keen intelligence, speed and agility also made them useful for the management of other large animals such as horses and hogs.

The Entlebucher is a medium-sized, compact, strongly muscled, elongated drover with ample bone. He has a short, hard and shiny coat, bright black with symmetrical markings of pure white on blaze, muzzle, chest, and feet; shades of rich fawn to mahogany are present on the eyebrows and between the black and white markings.

Prized for his agreeable nature, ease of training, and devotion to family, the Entlebucher possesses an excellent work ethic, and the ability to work alone or in harmony with his master. Given a job, he transforms from a lively, high-spirited playmate, to a serious, tireless, self assured dog of commanding presence. Although primarily a drover, Entles excel at competitive sports and are willing and enthusiastic partners in any athletic canine activity chosen by their master.
Purpose and heritage have resulted in an unusually intense bonding between the Entlebucher and his master.

Temperament: The Entlebucher is a confident cattle dog, neither shy nor vicious; may be reserved with strangers. He is lively, active, persistent, self-assured and determined. Cheerful and capable of learning, he is loyal and protective of family, herd and property. He is highly intelligent, versatile and adaptable with a strong willingness to work; is quick and responsive to commands from his owner making him especially suited as a companion, herding and general all-purpose dog, however the Entlebucher should not be considered a breed for the casual owner. He will remain an active, highly energetic dog for his entire lifetime. .
Because of the guardian traits of this breed, thorough socialization is required during puppyhood; typically Entles are indifferent to, or somewhat aloof with, strangers. Which makes them an competent watchdog.

Size, Proportion, Substance: Dogs - 17 to 21 inches, Bitches - 16 to 20 inches.


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