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Newest Goat Care click on this link to see all sorts of information about the care of goats. I have also added misc info about raw goat milk. This is all things I have found to be true, I have found it all on different websites and put it all here to help new goat owners with questions they might have. Click on this link for extra info on CAE.
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Colds and Runny noses in goats

This time of year you might see more colds or runny noses in your goats
Symptoms: Runny nose: snot is clear to white, cough, no temperature (normal goat temp is 103 but it can vary a degree either way depending on the weather).
Some people start giving their goats antibiotics every time they come down with a cold. Yes, you should watch the cold and make sure it doesn't turn into something worse, but remember, we (humans) all get colds once in awhile, and we all know that there is no cure in modern Western Medicine for the common cold. (In my experience, colds are much better treated and respond better to Natural treatments). Using Antibiotics when they are not going to help the situation (such as for a common cold or flu) will not cure the problem and only build resistance to the antibiotic, making it useless when it is really needed. They also cause great stress to the Immune System and negatively effect the digestive system. Please use antibiotics responsibly.

For common cold or start of runny nose, I will start treating them with Emergen C (vitamin c, b vitamins, plus electrolytes) twice a day. You can get this at any drug store mostly used for human use, but worked great for my goats with the start of runny noses. Mix one or more packets as needed in water until fissing stops then I fill large syringe twice and give orally to each goat. I will do this twice a day until runny noses clear up, for me it was three days of treatment. Mine did not like it at first but started to really like the taste after the first treatment.
If that does not seem to help you might start them on Immune Support Tincture once or twice a day. since this aids in preventing Pneumonia and does not mess up their systems like antibiotics do. (Antibiotics reek havoc on the digestive system, especially in goats, causing more stress to their systems). Goats are very susceptible to Pneumonia, so you need to watch them.
  Many times, this is enough to help the goat through their cold. You might also try aromatherapy with the following essential oils: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Thyme. Make sure that the goat's housing is dry, well ventilated and draft free. Give probiotics.


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