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Bantam Cochin hen, and her fifteen chicks.

We will take requests for chicks, if you only want a few. If you want a bunch we suggest you go through one of the hatcheries. Which we will list on our links page.

I will not always have chicks on hand, upon order (deposit will be requested) I will allow sitting hens to keep more eggs under them.

We do prefer not to ship because of the quantities needed to keep the chicks warm while shipping. Most of these bantam chicks pricing starts at $5 each and goes up depending on the age requested, or age of the chicks available.


This year I will be starting to sell some larger breed of chickens. They will be more expensive than the bantam chicks, $7.00 each (still need heat lamp), $12.00 no heat lamp needed, and $15.00 a piece as 3 to 6 months, hens not yet laying, rooster free with 5 hens purchased, unless no rooster wanted. No roosters are needed if you just want eggs production. Large hens already laying will be $20.00 a piece. Most roosters are $10 each for all breeds. Call if interested and I will let you know what kind I have for sale.


Bantam chicks that still need heat lamp- $5.00 a piece. When bantam chicks are small you can't tell if rooster or hen, so you take your chances on having more roosters.
Young feathered and no heat lamp needed- $10.00, by now you have a better chance of telling gender. Free rooster with 5 hens purchased.
Older bantam chicks $12.00 a piece, also free rooster with 5 hens purchased, unless no roosters wanted. For bantam hens already laying $15.00 a piece.

entlebucher puppies for sale in nm
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Cochin Bantams, we sell a cochin mix.

The Cochin Bantams are heavily feathered down the shanks and toes and appear to be much larger than they actually are. They are very gentle, excellent setters, require little space and have many color variations. My cochins have mixed the different type of feather footed bantam cochins. Chicks will not be able to be requested by exact color when they are days old, only if chicks are old enough to see what color they will be when grown.

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