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little britches

This little buckling pictured above is Little Britches,
He was a very rotten little guy.
This photo made the cover of the Nigerian Dwarf Digest.














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The photo above was a little doeling a few years ago, she is a special girl,
her name is Sara.



Here at Animas farms we disbud (dehorn) all our babies which makes them safer to be around kids and other goats. We play with them as much as possible to make them friendly.

The Nigerain Dwarf goat is a miniature dairy breed of West African ancestry. Nigerian Dwarf goats are popular as hobby goats due to their easy maintenance and small stature. These little Nigerian Dwarfs give a surprising quantity of milk for their size. Their production ranges from one to 8 pounds of milk per day, with an average of 2.5. Since Nigerians breed year-round, it is easy to stagger freshenings (births) in a herd so the entire herd is never dry. Thus, they are ideal milk goats for most families. Their milk has a higher butterfat content than milk from full-sized dairy goats, usually about 5%, but going as high as 10% at the end of a lactation. The milk has a sweet flavor. This makes Nigerian Dwarf goat milk excellent for cheese and soap making. They also have the sweetest personalities

Height for Female (Doe): 17–22.5 inches (43–57 cm),
Male (Buck): 19–23.5 inches (48–60 cm)

Nigerian Dwarf goats are gentle and easily trainable. This, along with their small size and colorful appearance, makes them popular as pets. Some breeders bottle-feed kids, which makes them more bonded with humans. Others prefer to let their mothers raise them naturally, finding bottle-fed kids to be overly clingy. With either method, they can be very friendly and can easily be trained to walk on a leash and some enjoy coming into the house with their owners.

Nigerian dwarf goats' small size also makes them excellent "visitor" animals for nursing homes and hospitals. Some goat supply houses even sell small harnesses and tiny wagons that fit Nigerian dwarf goats. As with all goats, does or neutered males (wethers) make the best pets, as bucks can have an objectionable odor. Nigerian Dwarfs, especially does and wethers, do well with children.

They come in many colors: white, black, red, cream and patterns such as buckskin (brown with a black cape over the head and neck along with other black markings) and chamoisee (photo to left), with or without white spots. Some have white "frosting" on the ears. Both the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association and the American Goat Society websites feature pages that include color descriptions, disqualifying features and conformation. Although most are naturally horned, most breeders disbud them at a young age (usually less than 2 weeks of age) for safety to the goat, its herd mates, and human caregivers. Some Nigerian Dwarf goats have blue eyes, which is a dominate trait in goats.

We are looking forward to the coming years with these adorable little dairy goats. These little ones are so cute and friendly. They will quickly win your hearts! Click on the links below to see some videos of the new babies trying to bounce and jump. To answer more questions on what is needed to care for these little guys go to link for goat care.

If you need help choosing a dairy goat breed you can find information on each different breed, look towards the bottom on the
Mini-Nubian Doe Page

Watch 2011 videos.
This video is Lacey's triplets. The smallest little goat you see in this video was sara. Photo to the right, she was the size of a soda can when born, her brothers were twice her size. She was the cutest kid ever. She is a day old in this video.

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Picture of Peanut and her quads.


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